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Love at Fourteen
Alternative Titles
14-sai no Koi,Love at Fourteen,14歳の恋,じゅうよんさいのこい
Genres Author Artist
Kanata Tanaka and Kazuki Yoshikawa are two emotionally mature 14-year-olds that all of their peers admire. At first glance, the pair seem detached from the masses, excelling at the top of their class. The tall and beautiful Kanata has a strict aura around her that discourages boys from talking to her, while Kazuki's refined yet friendly playfulness prevents girls from interacting with him.The truth is that—underneath this facade—both Kanata and Kazuki are just 14-year-olds in love with each other. As they learn to navigate their secret budding relationship, the young couple must also learn to come to terms with their complicated emotions and settle on how they wish to present themselves in front of others.