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Mein Kampf
Alternative Titles
Waga Tousou,Mein Kampf,My Struggle,わが闘争,わがとうそう
Genre Author Artist
Amidst chants of "Heil Hitler," Germany's most celebrated leader, Adolf Hitler, addresses the nation. Under Hitler's leadership, the country has undergone monumental development, overcoming the humiliation of its World War I loss and growing into a fearsome military superpower. As Hitler addresses the growth of his nation, he reaffirms the importance of the German nationalistic spirit and warns against the arising Jewish threat. As he finishes his speech, Hitler raises his right arm in a final salute amidst the thundering roar of the crowd, having full confidence that he and his country will make their mark on history.Growing up in a small town in Austria, Hitler was introduced to German nationalism at a young age. His parents had opposing views on his early interest in art—harsh disapproval from his father and loving support from his mother. As a result, he was unfazed by the death of his father, yet utterly devastated by the death of his mother. Eventually, he applied to a fine arts school in Vienna, and to his frustration, was rejected immediately. This forced him to live on the streets, where he was first exposed to antisemitism. Though skeptical at first, Hitler eventually adopts this ideology, soon transforming into a charismatic leader—and an influential one who would shift the balance of power in the world and dramatically alter the course of history.