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Alternative Titles
Kakushigoto,Kakushigoto: My Dad's Secret Ambition,Hidden Things,かくしごと
Genres Author Artist
Every weekday, lively 10-year-old Hime Gotou watches her father put on his suit and tie before leaving for his nine-to-five office job. However, as soon as he loses sight of his innocent daughter, Kakushi Gotou runs to change from business attire into a washed-out T-shirt and old shorts.As a single father, Gotou has one crucial secret he must absolutely keep hidden from Hime: his career as an established comedy manga artist. But the humor he is known for is excessively dirty and vulgar—meaning he will resort to anything in his power to prevent his unassuming daughter from ever reading it.Compelled by his irrational fear that Hime will lose respect for him, Gotou employs Hime's teacher and his overworked editors as aides in his ridiculous attempts to keep her away from the truth. Even so, behind these absurd and silly situations, there are traces of a darker secret lurking in the past of the Gotou family.