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Sliders - Can be used to sync the manga pages

Chapter Drag - Automatically changes the chapter of inactive language when it reaches the limit.

Language button - Changes the language.

Up-Down button - Changes the position of Dashboard.

Auto/AX-O button - Use or disable auto matching based on similarity of the images.

Float - Makes language button and up-down button move up when checked.

2x - Displays two images at once like a book.

Reverse Page - Only works when 2x is active,shifts the pages from left to right and right to left.

Pause - The selected language chapter won't move.

Fit-Screen - Disable it to make the image zoomable(for PC users)

No-click - Disables flipping pages using clicks or touch

OCR: No-Border-Removes border from ocr,Show-Shows all the OCR text, Off-Turns the OCR off

You can use arrow keys too to flip pages

Press L to change language,O to toggle auto and M to shift the dashboard

About Us

This site is meant to work as a resource site for learning Japanese through manga. We post both the English Translation (ENG TL) and Original Japanese(JP RAW) of manga . This site was inspired by bilingualmanga.com(not working right now) which made learning Japanese fun. Bilingualmanga.com archive link - https://archive.org/details/bilingual-manga_DL_offline_fix